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CreativeMornings Geneva, June = Revolution

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Attention, for this event we'll meet at a new venue : Foound

Speaker: Ryan Rumsey

Back to where we’ve been before — How a bit of history, acting, design, and depression triggered the first of many self revolutions.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” It’s a statement many of us have probably said to ourselves time and time again. When we want to break this cycle, we’re looking to create new outcomes, and outcomes must start with identifying purpose. Who are you? What do you stand for? Design, at it’s core, is about identifying core purpose and creating new outcomes. In this talk, Ryan will share an honest and open story of how he applied various bits of practical creativity to design a revolution of the self, to drive his life towards achieving new outcomes.

Ryan Rumsey is a veteran design leader with an interest in systems, platforms, and humans inside enterprise environments. An advocate of both human centered design and design driven innovation, he is currently Director of Experience Design at Electronic Arts where he focuses on the intersection of design and the employee experience. This is his second career at EA, having also previously worked for the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, Apple, E! Online, and as an independent.

Originally from New Jersey, Ryan studied History at the University of Arizona, began his design career in Los Angeles, and ate a lot of queso in Austin before moving to Switzerland with his family. Through CH.UX Office Hours, he provides practical and constructive feedback on UX design. Ryan lives near Lausanne, Switzerland and online at & @ryanrumsey.

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