Elea Di Lorenzo, chef argentine.

Diplômée en Cuisine, Patisserie, Food tendencies and Sustainability, je collabore de nos jours, en tant que rédactrice, créatrice et styliste des recettes, et bien récement photographe culinaire.

Passionnée des saveurs et enthousiaste pour faire des rencontres, la nourriture prend une place privilégiée dans ma vie depuis toujours. Lors de nombreux voyages, chaque dégustation et tout en prenant du plaisir à faire mon travail, j’ai pu élargir ma collection de stylisme culinaire dans les boutiques de design, des brocantes et des marchés de puces en vu de soutenir l’activité des céramistes locaux. 

Dans l'avenir je souhaite poursuivre et approfondir mon expérience avec la journalisme et la photographie, à travers les routes de la cuisine locale, de la production alimentaire durable et équitable, tant que continuer le Management & Consultation des Restaurateurs.


I’m Elea Di Lorenzo, an enthusiastic Argentinian cook, food-stylis  & food-photographer whose life is permeated by food every minute. I cook for cameras and styling sets for  restaurants, food editorials, brands, lifestyle & travel agents. For the last 14 years I constantly travelled and discovered different culinary traditions.

Graduated in 2004 in Cooking & Pastry, Food trends and Sustainability in Islas Malvinas École in Mendoza Argentina, I continued discovering food across Latin America and specialised in Restaurants Management & Advising.

I also organise gatherings, menu planning for social events and caterings all around sustainable, local and fair trade products. Food is a central value of my life as well as constant travelling and discovering. I enriched my experience and kept moving forward through tasting new flavours, connecting with (un)known local food cultures, enlarging my prop-styling collection in design boutiques, brocantes and flea markets as well as supporting local ceramists. This is what my personal signature is made of.

I believe that food is so actively necessary and present in our daily lives that we could not grow as human beings without the trilogy food-culture-emotions whose value I communicate and share with my work.

In my future I wish to continue and deepen my experience with food-journalism and photography, through the roads of the local cuisine , sustainable and fair food production  and processes.

Site internet : www.eleadilorenzofood.com

Instagram : @eledilorenzo